Your advantages at a glance

  • Personally target  users who have been on your website

    Remain in the memory of users with a buying interest

  • Target cross-selling

    Reach customers who need an additional product

  • Increase your return on investment

    Tempt customers who have not made purchases for a long time

  • Conception & ongoing support by our experts

    Continuously monitor and optimize your Google remarketing

Profit from our Google Ads Remarketing Service

  • free & non-binding

Retarget your visitors

Use remarketing to skillfully bring your products to the target audience

It is said that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

With Google Ads Remarketing you not only have a second chance, but even a third, fourth, fifth, and countless more!

Remarketing lets you target customers who have already visited your website. It keeps you in the memory of transaction-happy users and targets basket-dropouts and website visitors after they leave your site. With the targeting option, you can also target audiences that have a similar user profile to your existing customers.

The ads are played through the Google Display Network. This allows you to continuously make contact with any traffic that you generate using SEO, Facebook or any other marketing channel. Remarketing campaigns build on your customers’ web search history and help them find the perfect products to meet their needs from your website.

By doing so, you minimize litter loss and consistently increase your conversions. A user who has already learned about your products will be more willing to access your portfolio.

Become part of the Customer Journey with Google Ads Remarketing

The goal is to attract visitors who already know about certain products on your website, need an additional product or who have changed their minds and did not buy at the last moment despite a full shopping cart. These users need to be led back to your site through a tailored remarketing campaign.

Smart Remarketing campaigns are a booster of your success and reputation. To be effective, it requires experience and know-how.

In order to be effective, you need experience and know-how in the various Google Ads advertising types such as Google Search, Google Display, Google Shopping and YouTube advertising. Our experts are at your side with the right remarketing strategies based on your ongoing campaigns to help you become part of your customers’ customer journey. Use the possibility of a Google Ads audit, a Google Ads Consulting or a Google Ads management by the specialized experts of SHARKdigital.

Profit from our professional Google Ads Remarketing

Our offer to you

  • Conception and ongoing support of your Google Remarketing campaigns
  • Analysis of your ongoing Google Ads remarketing campaigns
  • In-house workshops on Google Ads & Remarketing
  • free & non-binding

Our Services


Conception and ongoing support of your YouTube advertising

The task of an Google Ads remarketing campaign is to ensure that you are seen by former website visitors and buyers interested in buying your products on their customer journey. Use your budget purposefully and design a campaign to target relevant customers such as shopping cart dropouts, website visitors or customers who have not made a purchase for a long time. Our experts will design a campaign that accompanies your target group while they are on their customer journey. Through continuous monitoring, we ensure the consistent optimization of your campaign.


Analysis of a running Google Ads Remarketing campaign

A well-thought-out remarketing campaign increases conversions and sales. Have you noticed a problem with your campaign conception? Our veteran experts are eager to analyze your campaign and formulate actions that will optimize your remarketing plan and improve your conversion rate. Upon request, we will gladly take over the management of your Google Remarketing campaign.


In-house workshops on Google Ads & Remarketing

Use the application with purchasers interested in buying – we show you how remarketing works and what you have to keep in mind at all times. Our Certified Google Ads & Google Remarketing Experts will pick you up at your current state knowledge and develop your knowledge of systematics and unleash rich opportunities that lie in Google Ads and Remarketing campaigns.